Car Suspension

Automotive suspension is designed for the elastic connection between the wheels and the vehicle body, and for pothole vibration damping. Suspension should provide comfortable driving (smooth ride), traffic safety and cornering stability. Suspension characteristics depend on the parameters and the interaction of individual components, the type and the stiffness of the elastic elements, stabilizers, arms, […]

Polyurethane Bushings Removal and Installation

This is a simple operation for those with the proper tools and knowledge. Before beginning work, pay attention to the location of replacement parts in the housing bore. Placement of the Bushing, depth of pressing and other features are important for proper operation of the suspension. Mark the arm and the old part to indicate […]

The Structure of Polyurethane Bushing

Bushing consists of two metal sleeves of different diameters arranged on the same axis one inside the other and separated by a layer of elastomer. This is the standard bushing structure. In fact, despite the general working principle, bushings differ from each other. Design features are determined by structure of the unit, where bushings are […]

Principal Distinctions from Other Manufacturers

Manufactured from the best durable polyurethane-based elastomers that increase the service life of the parts, serving your car two-three times longer than their rubber counterparts. Unlike the cheaper and obsolete rubber replacement parts, our parts withstand the widest range of operating temperatures, stay flexible and durable even under heavy  loads and in extreme driving conditions. […]

Use of Polyurethane Parts in Automotive Suspension

Cars continue to advance technologically and with advanced technologies the car becomes more complex. Suspension of the car has undergone a lot of changes since the invention of the wheel. Smooth driving and safety are main functions of suspension parts. Use of polyurethane parts in vehicle suspension improve its characteristics. Driving control increases, response time […]

Bushings For Suspension

Bushings in the suspension of the car isolate the body from the noise and vibrations generated while driving, and also protect suspension components from wear at mounting points, provide stable location and reliable connection to the car body. Bushings are very diverse and depend on the design features of a particular brand of car. Stabilizer […]


Polyurethane (PU) parts can withstand large loads under hard usage and will not lose their characteristics for many years. As a rule, aging of rubber parts takes place after about two or three years of operation regardless of car mileage. The longer the car operation period is, the more the arms’ bushings wear and risk […]

Car Suspension Parts

The suspension of a car is actually part of the chassis, which comprises all of the imp­ortant systems…

How Your Car’s Suspension Works

Suspension is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a v…

Polyurethane vs Rubber

Rubber suspension parts or PU suspension parts? Which should you use?