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Durable Parts LLC, founded in 2018, is an automotive aftermarket parts provider that serves both professional installers and do-it-yourself customers. Our office and warehouse are based in New Jersey, USA.

Our catalog includes over 7,000 SKUs of premium polyurethane suspension parts, ensuring that our customers and partners can find the parts they need. We are prepared to assist you even if you have a JDM car.

Whether you’re seeking improved performance on the track or enhanced durability for your daily commute, our comprehensive range of PU bushings caters to diverse driving needs, delivering quality, durability, and precise engineering for all types of vehicles.

Siberian Bushing TM – Premium PU Bushings for Daily Driving and Challenging Road Conditions

These bushings are engineered to withstand the rigors of daily driving and challenging road conditions. They offer a balance of durability and comfort, with a hardness rating typically ranging from 65 to 80 Sha, ensuring reliability and longevity under normal driving conditions.

Strongflex TM – PU Bushings for Motorsport, Drift and Racing

These bushings are designed for high-performance applications such as motorsport, drift, and racing. They feature a higher hardness rating, typically ranging from 80 to 90 Sha, providing enhanced stability, responsiveness, and precision under extreme driving conditions.

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Durable Parts LLC is the official distributor in the USA and its territories for all products manufactured and marketed by Siberian Bushing TM and Strongflex TM.