Part #: 026268B

PU Full Suspension Bushing Kit fits Porsche Cayenne II (10-17)

Reference: 026268B Product name: Full suspension polyurethane bush kit Fits to:
  • Porsche Cayenne II (10-17)
  • Volkswagen Touareg II (10-18)
  • 4x 022011A: Front upper arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 022012A: Front lower wishbone bush – inside SPORT
  • 2x 022014A: Front lower wishbone bush – outside SPORT
  • 2x 022016B: Front lower wishbone bush – rear
  • 4x 022018B: Front anti roll bar bush
  • 2x 022020B: Rear lower arm – front bush
  • 2x 022021A: Rear lower arm – rear bush SPORT
  • 2x 022022A: Rear steering knuckle bush SPORT
  • 2x 022023A: Rear upper arm bush – inside SPORT
  • 2x 022024A: Rear upper arm bush – outside SPORT
  • 2x 022025A: Rear upper arm bush – inside SPORT
  • 2x 022026A: Rear upper arm bush – outside SPORT
  • 2x 022027A: Rear rod bush - inside SPORT
  • 2x 022028A: Rear rod bush – outside SPORT
  • 4x 022019B: Front subframe bush
  • 4x 022030B: Rear subframe bush
  • D0230
  • D0224
  • D0225
  • D0226


  • The set does not include the stabilizer bushing.
Required/car: 1 Hardness: 80Sha Material: POLYURETHANE We add grease to every product!
25.9 lbs
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