Removal and installation of the sway bar bushings

Attention! Before starting a work of the removing and installing of the sway bar bushings, take note of the location of the bushings cuttings.


  1. Unscrew the clamp bolts of the sway bar bushings (fig.1).
  2. Remove the clamps. Take note of the location of the bushings cuttings.
  3. Dismount the sway bar bushings.
  4. Clean the clamps and the housing areas of the bushings and sway bar from rust and dirt. Assess the wearout and damages of the clamps and sway bar. If necessary, replace the parts.


  1. Cut a new bushing for the sway bar in the same place as original one (fig.2).
  2. Lubricate the adjacent sides of the bushings, sway bar and clamps with supplied grease or any consistent grease.
  3. Install the bushings on the sway bar.
  4. Adjust the clamps to the bushings, tighten clamps to the body and screw the bolts.
  5. Tighten the bolts.

Attention! The tightening force values are specified in the vehicle manufacturer’s documentation

Possible problems* *Are not a result of the parts defects and can’t be considered as a warranty case.Sway bar bushing squeaks.Bushing is extruded or crushed.
Wearout of the sway bar housing areas.X 
Housing area is not cleaned from the rust and dirt.XX  
Grease is washed out over time or the grease was not attached during the installation.X 
Wrong choice of the bushings (incorrect OEM).X 
Improper placement of the bushing’s cutting under the clamp.X